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The What Why and How of Alberta Canada Divorce

Peace River Alberta CanadaCanada has two types of Divorce. The first is called contested divorce. In such a case, both husband and wife fight it off in court, with one party as the plaintiff and the other the defendant. The reason for the contest can be anything, from the cause of the divorce, who gets how much and what property, who gets custody of the children, etc. This is an expensive type of divorce. More often than not, it can be a long, drawn out battle that can even last for years.

No Fault Divorce

The second type of divorce is known as uncontested divorce, “no fault” divorce, or affordable divorce. The only reason you need to file for this type of divorce is a “breakdown” in the marriage. You don’t need to allege fault.

You Can Skip Other Matters (for now)

The best course of action for an uncontested divorce is for both parties to agree to everything. To speed it up some more, other matters can be tackled separately.

Separate vs. Joint Filing

Also, you can choose to file separately or file jointly with your spouse. In case of the former, there is a 1 month service requirement. In case of the later, since you are filing and signing jointly, then that requirement is waived.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are filing for a contested divorce, chances are you will need a lawyer. This is especially true if your spouse has hired the services of one. If you are going to file for uncontested divorce, then you do not need a lawyer. All you need to do is fill out several sheets of paper, sign, submit in court, and pay the related court fees.

The law allows you to file without the assistance of anyone. But if you are finding it hard to:

  • Acquire the right divorce documents (take note each jurisdiction has its own form).
  • Understand any and every question
  • Determine certain property rights and obligations
  • Fill out the questionnaires with the proper answer

Then you might consider hiring a paralegal service.

Why a Paralegal Service

For one, they’re a lot cheaper. For example, www.affordable-divorce.org only charges you $900. More often than not, this same amount of money is only the consultation fee or acceptance fee of a law firm.

The clincher

If you file for uncontested divorce and hire a law firm, you will get assisted by paralegals. Why? This is because there is no need for a lawyer. That’s the thing; you are hiring a law firm only to be assisted by paralegals.

How to Find the Best Divorce Paralegal?

The answer depends on what you consider the best. As a general rule, it is a combination of an affordable divorce, customer satisfaction, and actual services provided. Pay attention to the provider’s website. Does it look and feel legit? Call customer support. Is there an actual person to talk to? Can he/she professionally answer your questions? Ask about their experience. Have they actually filed for uncontested divorce, which was approved by the court?

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