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Divorce Is Not Just A Piece Of Paper

Divorce Paper CalgaryA divorce is an unpleasant experience in itself. Unfortunately, the process of divorce could be more unpleasant physically, emotionally and financially speaking for the couple. In terms of divorce procedure, the legal process can overwhelm an average individual who is not familiar with legal terms and standard divorce process.

It Is A Lot Of Paper Works

To start with, the individual would need to prepare, file, sign and have the espouse sign too, the divorce petition with division of assets to be agreed upon by the couple. Filing the petition seems easy enough but for the untrained individual, this could really be challenging. Every document should be in accordance to the Canadian Divorce Act to have a court approval. The forms should be up-to-date and precise too. Just preparing for filing of the documents could take months. An affordable divorce could attend to filing within two business days and there is a guarantee of 100% court approval or your money back. An individual may try to comply and complete the documents but still, there is no guarantee it would be court approved. This would not only make the divorce process longer but it can be more stressful and expensive for the individual.

Although very challenging, the filing process is doable enough for the ordinary citizen provided the divorce is uncontested. This means that there is an agreement between the couple on custody, access or support of child or children. If, however, the couple cannot agree on these matters, then this becomes more difficult and could take much longer. Ideally, an affordable divorce should entail a contested process because that would be more efficient and faster.

That is just the filing of the petition. If the documents are all ready, a hearing will be set wherein the presence of both the couple would be requested, if needed. During a hearing, professional help on legal matters could make this easier for the individual. There are questions that only the professionals could understand and answer. There are terms too hard to fathom.

If there are no irregularities or any unnecessary delays, the process could be finished smoothly enough. The divorce process would be completed. Still, that is not the end of the challenge.

Post-Divorce Paper Works

Even after the divorce process, there are still paper works to be done. There is the Central Divorce Registry who is the one responsible for tracking all divorces in Canada. Plus, there is the need to attend to acquire the divorce certificate in case there is a plan for the individual to remarry. A different certificate is needed when you plan to remarry outside Canada. The clerk assigned to this section must be informed of the intention. There would be other steps to take for the certificate to be accepted outside the area of responsibility of Canada.

The process of divorce needs not to be as taxing to the individual as much as possible. An Affordable Divorce helps you complete the divorce process in the fastest and easiest way without the added burden of spending so much. You know you are in good hands from day one of the divorce process until the last day.

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