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Consult an Alberta Divorce Attorney to Help Deal with the Many Facets of Untying the Knot

Many couples get excited about tying the knot. Unfortunately, the knot can be tied in a very complicated manner that couples soon realize they want to untie it. Fortunately, many countries, including Canada, allow divorce for couples who want to get out of a very complicated married life. Divorce Alberta However, like most weddings, divorce is something that does not happen overnight. It is a tedious, long legal process; some Alberta divorce cases last for months, and others even take more than a year.

Top Considerations Before Filing for Divorce

Many things and individuals must be considered if you are thinking of filing for divorce. On top of the list are the children who are result of the marriage. Both parents must have a parenting plan for the children. Financial support is a focus in many divorce trials when children are involved. Know that some judges would still require higher financial support for the children even if the parents have agreed about a certain amount. Factors considered in determining the financial support that to-be-divorced parents must provide to the children are food, shelter, clothes, education, and medical treatment. The income of the parents will also be considered.

Your Financial Status – Hot Topic in Most Cases

Your financial status will also be a hot topic when discussing divorce, particularly if children are involved, mainly because of the top consideration for a typical divorce: children. Before you go to an Alberta divorce lawyer, be sure that you have a list of your incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities as well as your spouse’s. Making this list is not a requirement but highly recommended especially if financial disputes are likely to occur. Seeing your financial details and your spouse’s in writing will help the attorney understand the situation better, hence, enabling him to help you better.

Divorce in Alberta: Rights, Obligations, etc.

Going to the court is not only about preparing to fight your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Sometimes, individuals who want to get out of their marriage can do it peacefully but still want to consult an attorney to understand their rights, obligation, and other things involved in the process.

In cases of disagreements but the couple seeking divorce want to get rid of the costly court trials, some lawyers would advise the two to sit down and discuss the issues to find a way for an agreement. This way, the couple will just have to sign a settlement agreement and save some money. If an agreement cannot be reached, the divorce lawyers of both parties will seek a judge for the final decision. Other options are mediation, arbitration, and negotiation that is assisted by a lawyer.

Working on a divorce alone is never recommended, especially if you do not know the laws regarding marriage and divorce very well. Consulting a lawyer specializing in divorce is suggested. It is better if you equip yourself with some pieces of information before consulting an Alberta divorce attorney and during the entire process. Consulting a lawyer will never hurt. It usually makes untying a complexly tied knot a little less complicated. After all, many lawyers, especially in Alberta, offer free or affordable consultation.

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