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Child Support

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Federal Child Support Guidelines

It has been quite a while since the government of Canada decided to regulate the amount of money spent by parents involved in child support cases. The Federal Child Support Guidelines were designed to make things more convenient for parties involved in these cases. Simultaneously, the government declared that the payments received in these cases would not be considered as deductions and not subject to taxes. Controversial as it may sound, we have to live with the law as it stands. There are very few instances in which these guidelines are circumvented, and these are usually very special cases. The facilitation of child support payment is enforced in all provinces throughout Canada, including Alberta. Failure to make child support payments as stipulated can lead to a variety of consequences such as failure to secure a passport or forcing you to pay your children’s guardian out of any money outstanding to you. And yes, that includes tax refunds too.

Child Support Myths

One of the biggest child support myths is that you would not be required to pay child support if custody is shared between parents. Not true at all – except in special situations, it would be the parent’s income determining their share of child support payments.

Another basic of child support most of us do not realize is that parents have a right to have their child support annually adjusted – this would be based on their income the year before. Parents are encouraged to exercise this right once a year, so as to avoid having to regularly show up at court. Review your tax return one time – child support is usually based on Line 150 Income. For self-employed individuals, there may be times the court may not allow several deductibles to be declared if they believe you might be using your position as a private business owner to gain leverage.

Thinking of filing a child support order? Affordable Divorce can help you with this matter. We provide the support calculation and proper documentations you need. But since this is not the case for everybody, we can refer you to see a legal professional before taking any action regarding your child support case in Canada.

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