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Grande Prairie Divorce

Grande Prairie is the seventh-largest city in Alberta, and is the largest city between Edmonton and Fairbanks, Alaska. The city is considered as one of the lowest divorce percentages having a 5.6% in the province of Alberta. (see source). With these few divorces going on, it is quite a challenge to find a reliable and more importantly affordable divorce lawyer. With the help of our paralegal experts, Grande Prairie Divorce problems will be solved as easy as a log falling off the Kakwa Falls. We provide lawyer quality divorce papers and professional legal assistance throughout your entire divorce process. Why […]


The Alberta Matrimonial Property Act is what is referred to when it comes to the division of assets between a recently divorced couple. Ideally, both husband and wife should receive an equal amount of assets once the divorce is consummated. The process is quite simple in theory – there are three given figures, being the net worth of both individuals before the marriage or before living together and the net worth of both two combined at the time of the divorce. Second step would be to subtract the former figure (for both husband and wife individually) from the latter to […]


A lot of our clients in Alberta have opted for our mediation services. A couple can go for mediation with a neutral party to resolve a contentious dispute. Both parties do not need to agree on all the resolutions suggested by the third party mediator; in any case, such a process can help a couple save on legal expenses pertaining to their Alberta divorce or separation. This is not at all a binding process and its goal is to come up with some sort of compromise between the involved parties. A mediator is a neutral individual; somebody whose job is […]

Changing Orders

Anything can change when it comes to an Alberta divorce or any other kind of divorce filed elsewhere. This is where changing orders can be done by both parties. Any or both parties can return to Court to change their orders at any time if they still are not able to agree on things. This includes, but is not limited to modifying child support or spousal support payments and agreements regarding custody of children. We can help in most, if not all conventional situations. But there are certain cases that might require a lawyer’s assistance, especially if the audience of […]

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