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Calgary Divorce Lawyer – Consider Your Child When Getting A Divorce

Divorce, also generally known as Dissolution of Marriage, is the court requested termination of marriage. There are a lot reasons why couples would put an end to their marriage but the common reason is money issues and spending routines, differences in rearing or having children, mistrust, infidelity, no communication, irreconcilable differences, and commitment problems. These are typical reasons of divorce and some couples also cite various other factors for them to end their marriage and some of reasons are abandonment, alcohol addiction, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, personality conflicts, immaturity, emotional or sexual incompatibility, mental illness, and more. There are a […]

Divorce Basics

The Canada Divorce Act is the main reference for Alberta divorce proceedings. This is also the basis for other divorces filed in other provinces. After filing, a Clearance Certificate must be requested – this would state that the parties involved did not file for a divorce elsewhere in Canada using the same legal names they are currently carrying. This certificate would be sent from Ottawa and may take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to arrive. Absence of such certificate precludes any further action in the meantime, except serving the party being filed against. Why File a Divorce? There are […]

Child Support

Federal Child Support Guidelines It has been quite a while since the government of Canada decided to regulate the amount of money spent by parents involved in child support cases. The Federal Child Support Guidelines were designed to make things more convenient for parties involved in these cases. Simultaneously, the government declared that the payments received in these cases would not be considered as deductions and not subject to taxes. Controversial as it may sound, we have to live with the law as it stands. There are very few instances in which these guidelines are circumvented, and these are usually […]

Spousal Support

Eligibility for Support Many people going through divorces cannot help but wonder whether their spouse would be eligible to receive support or not. It would depend – eligibility for support is not automatic for spouses. Along with the changes to divorce laws in and out of Alberta, there have been updates with regards to spousal support , but none of them have actually become laws as of the present. The first said update pertains to the eligibility for support. An individual may not receive much remuneration in most situations where the spouse remains gainfully employed or moved to another city […]


The Alberta Matrimonial Property Act is what is referred to when it comes to the division of assets between a recently divorced couple. Ideally, both husband and wife should receive an equal amount of assets once the divorce is consummated. The process is quite simple in theory – there are three given figures, being the net worth of both individuals before the marriage or before living together and the net worth of both two combined at the time of the divorce. Second step would be to subtract the former figure (for both husband and wife individually) from the latter to […]

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