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7 Tips When Filing a Divorce

Filing for a divorce is not as simple as calling it quits with your spouse and finalizing documents for formality. There are child support, child custody, division of property and bank savings, distribution of financial responsibilities, possible liquidation and selling of assets, and if luck abandons you, alimony. Add to this the tedious process of singling out the best candidate among the hundreds of Calgary divorce lawyers. The point is: divorce is the most complicated part of moving on.  Leave the complication to your love life and make your divorce an easy process. 1. Meet with a marriage or relationship […]

Affordable Divorce. A More Practical Way Out

Divorce is the termination or dissolution of the matrimonial duties and responsibilities, marital union and the bonds of matrimony altogether between married couples. Unlike annulment which declares a marriage null and void, divorce has many varied proceedings around the globe. In most countries however, divorce implore the aid of divorce lawyers and paralegal. There are a lot of issues to be dealt with including spousal support or alimony, child support (if couples had a child during their union), debt division and asset/property distribution. It is precisely a stressful situation affecting finances, living arrangements, schedules and household responsibilities. As stressful as […]

Consult an Alberta Divorce Attorney to Help Deal with the Many Facets of Untying the Knot

Many couples get excited about tying the knot. Unfortunately, the knot can be tied in a very complicated manner that couples soon realize they want to untie it. Fortunately, many countries, including Canada, allow divorce for couples who want to get out of a very complicated married life.  However, like most weddings, divorce is something that does not happen overnight. It is a tedious, long legal process; some Alberta divorce cases last for months, and others even take more than a year. Top Considerations Before Filing for Divorce Many things and individuals must be considered if you are thinking of […]

The What Why and How of Alberta Canada Divorce

Canada has two types of Divorce. The first is called contested divorce. In such a case, both husband and wife fight it off in court, with one party as the plaintiff and the other the defendant. The reason for the contest can be anything, from the cause of the divorce, who gets how much and what property, who gets custody of the children, etc. This is an expensive type of divorce. More often than not, it can be a long, drawn out battle that can even last for years. No Fault Divorce The second type of divorce is known as […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Alberta Canada

Canada allows a legally married husband and wife to seek divorce. Before the 2010 amendment, one or both parties had to have a just or legal cause to seek Grande Prairie Divorce. After the amendment, that requirement is no longer an essential requisite, provided both parties appear jointly and agree to end the marriage. This amendment has caused quite a stir in Alberta, Canada residents. Below are a few clarifying points. The same is presented in an FAQ format for easy reading. Do I Need a Lawyer to File for Divorce? Strictly speaking, you do not require a lawyer. This […]

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