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A Step-by-Step Guide to a Divorce in Calgary

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Divorce in Calgary

To start your legal battle for divorce, here is a step-by-step guide to filing a divorce in Calgary.  1. Check if you are qualified Before you invest your time and money, check first if your situation is qualified for a divorce to begin with. There are only two conditions before you can be allowed to file, and either of them will suffice. First, you and your spouse have to be literally living separately for at least a year before the filing because of marital differences (not because of professional circumstances or whatsoever). This is a basic and simple criterion as […]

Divorce Is Not Just A Piece Of Paper

A divorce is an unpleasant experience in itself. Unfortunately, the process of divorce could be more unpleasant physically, emotionally and financially speaking for the couple. In terms of divorce procedure, the legal process can overwhelm an average individual who is not familiar with legal terms and standard divorce process. It Is A Lot Of Paper Works To start with, the individual would need to prepare, file, sign and have the espouse sign too, the divorce petition with division of assets to be agreed upon by the couple. Filing the petition seems easy enough but for the untrained individual, this could […]

Divorcing? Find a Great Lawyer in Edmonton

Marriage is almost always dreamt to last a lifetime – a happy ever after. However, things can happen in a marriage that leads to divorce. Some divorces are amicable, with not so much as an angry word or look between the ex-couple. Some can be very messy, the soon-to-be ex-couple squabbling over everything- from bank accounts and properties to the pets and silverware. For any of these, a good divorce lawyer is a must. Fast facts about filing for divorce Did you know that you could not get the services of a divorce lawyer that has been first consulted by your […]

Divorce? Get a Lawyer, the Best One

Let’s face it, not all marriages end in happily ever after. Couples opt to go their own separate ways, and file a divorce. Here is when the need the services of Divorce Layers Edmonton.  Reasons for filing a divorce There are many reasons for divorce. The couples may have lived apart for so long that they no longer share a life together; no common things between them as time passed and they just need divorce papers to formalize their situation.  This is one of the easiest and simplest grounds for a divorce. In Canada, the law requires a proof that […]

Collaborative Divorce: What Divorcees Need to Know

Due to a type of divorce called collaborative divorce, an alternative to the basic practice, filing a divorce can be less burdensome for previously married couples, especially those with assets and children, who have decided to legally go separate ways. The husband and the wife will first have to discuss the procedure and as soon as both parties agree to the arrangement, the process may begin. Should they need the assistance of divorce lawyers, Calgary attorneys are competent to offer them a hand. What Is a Collaborative Divorce? A collaborative divorce is a settlement in which the divorcees each hire […]

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