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Divorce FAQs That You Should Know Before Filing Divorce in Calgary

There are conditions when applying for divorce in Calgary that unfortunately, do not always cover everyone. Nonetheless, if you are still deciding about it but want to know the details of the process that is about to unfold, here is a list of divorce FAQs that everyone who are planning to file should know.  1. Can couples who were married outside Calgary, Canada file divorce? Yes. Anyone who can prove that they have permanent address in Calgary can file for divorce in the province of Alberta. Even emigrants and immigrants can do so, for as long as they have official […]

How to File for a Grande Prairie Divorce

Are you considering filing for a Grande Prairie divorce? Whether or not the significant change in marital status will leave you with a deep sense of uncertainty or relief, it is essential for you to pay close attention to the details and be well informed when it comes to the actions that you have to take so you can get a divorce. First, you should go and find yourself a lawyer. Even if you and your spouse completely agree to the division of assets and the divorce proceeding itself, getting a lawyer is still deemed as a legal process. In […]

Guide For Hiring Efficient Divorce Lawyers

Guide For Hiring Efficient Divorce Lawyers

If you think your marriage is about to end and you feel the great need to end it eventually, you have to consider looking for the right lawyer who can help you with this concern. This is considered as just one of the most important steps in the actual process of divorce. Choosing the ideal Grande Prairie divorce lawyer may seem tricky and daunting at the same time. However, with the following guidelines and tips, you will never have to worry about this matter again. There are at least eight steps that you have to undertake to help you hire […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Divorce in Calgary

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Divorce in Calgary

To start your legal battle for divorce, here is a step-by-step guide to filing a divorce in Calgary.  1. Check if you are qualified Before you invest your time and money, check first if your situation is qualified for a divorce to begin with. There are only two conditions before you can be allowed to file, and either of them will suffice. First, you and your spouse have to be literally living separately for at least a year before the filing because of marital differences (not because of professional circumstances or whatsoever). This is a basic and simple criterion as […]

Divorce Is Not Just A Piece Of Paper

A divorce is an unpleasant experience in itself. Unfortunately, the process of divorce could be more unpleasant physically, emotionally and financially speaking for the couple. In terms of divorce procedure, the legal process can overwhelm an average individual who is not familiar with legal terms and standard divorce process. It Is A Lot Of Paper Works To start with, the individual would need to prepare, file, sign and have the espouse sign too, the divorce petition with division of assets to be agreed upon by the couple. Filing the petition seems easy enough but for the untrained individual, this could […]

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