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7 Tips When Filing a Divorce

Filing for a divorce is not as simple as calling it quits with your spouse and finalizing documents for formality. There are child support, child custody, division of property and bank savings, distribution of financial responsibilities, possible liquidation and selling of assets, and if luck abandons you, alimony. Add to this the tedious process of singling out the best candidate among the hundreds of Calgary divorce lawyers. The point is: divorce is the most complicated part of moving on. 7 Tips When Filing a Divorce

Leave the complication to your love life and make your divorce an easy process.

1. Meet with a marriage or relationship counselor

This is recommended, if not to salvage your marriage, at least to come up with an amicable settlement about all things involving your child. Many lawyers also advise this especially when they feel like connections can still be mended by the way of a child.

Involving a child in a divorce battle can ruin his/her future. It is better to talk out custody and support outside the court to remain civil regarding the matter instead of battling it out like some sort of unwanted burden.

2. Be the one to file for a divorce first

If you feel like you are the one being just with your decision, file a divorce first so you will be marked as the plaintiff. This has so many advantages along the way, being the court likely to favor you on your requests on the case.

3. File before hiring a legal counsel

Looking for Calgary divorce lawyers may not even be necessary, especially when you can have your divorce papers approved with the help of a law firm for as low as $250. Most of the time, filing in a local court is enough. Only hire a legal counsel should there be a contest from the other side.

4. Seek help from your local legal aid office

If you don’t have enough resources to support your case, like when you don’t have a job or a home, the legal office will provide you with professional services and counseling. Typically, a legal office will also assist in finding a lawyer who is willing to work pro bono.

5. Don’t think about hiding your assets

There are asset disclosure laws that protect both divorcing parties, plus the fact that hiding an asset isn’t exactly plausible nowadays. During the disclosure phase of the case, both parties will be asked to lay down on the table all assets involved – all that are possibly up for division. When the court finds out that you are hiding something, it will give your spouse the upper hand. If things come to worse, most assets, if not all, will go to the “honest” party.

6. Collect and copy ALL financial documents

When under divorce, either side might try to hide all pertinent financial documents to gain the most and take away as much as possible from the other. Don’t fall victim, and as soon as you separate or come to the decision to divorce, collect and copy financial documents and hide them somewhere your spouse couldn’t access.

7. Clean up your credit report

Cleaning up doesn’t mean dusting off dirt under the rag. It means purely correcting misinformation to give you the best credit report as much as possible. Calgary divorce lawyers will find it helpful in the case if you can prove that there is improper spending, on a mistress or boyfriend for instance, on your joint account.

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